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About Sprint Property

Transforming the Property Management Industry with:

  • Consistent communication
  • Sophisticated Technology

Looking for a house to lease? That is what we do!

  • Are you a home owner considering renting out your home? That is what we do!

Sprint Property is a niche property management company specializing in the leasing and management of residential homes. Efforts are focused strictly on residential property management in order to deliver consistent quality services to clients without the distraction of residential sales. Sprint Property services the needs of private investors, expatriates, and relocation companies. We dedicate our attention to this one important area of real estate management and consistently approach the management of our client’s homes without the burden of trying to be all things to all clients.

We work hard to be a leader in property management!

Meral Kantarcioglu
Licensed Real Estate Agent


Meral Kantarcioglu is fully licensed Estate Agent with over 15 years of experience in Property Management. Meral possesses expert knowledge of laws and current market trends with high degree of competence, professionalism and success based on research, training and service, ultimately key ingredients for excellence.


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